Multitasking with SUMPRODUCT in Excel

This Excel function can help you complete two tasks at once!

It’s called the SUMPRODUCT function and here’s how to use it… 

Let’s say that you have a table with the list of items their cost per item and the number bought and you want to find the total cost of all items.

That means you have to first multiply each cost per item by the number bot to get your list of total costs and then you have to add them right after.

Well, instead of doing these two tasks you can simply automate the whole process by using the SUMPRODUCT function!

Here’s how: first type equals sum product and then for the first argument you’re going to select your first array that would be the cost per item range.

Then I can type a comma and then select my second array for the second argument this would be the number brought and then close it off.

Basically it’s going to multiply each row and then add all of them together so I’ll go ahead and press enter and there you go it automatically calculates the total cost of all items

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