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“I highly recommend this system to improve efficiency of working with excel. In fact, it has helped me take a 6 hour task down to less than 30 minutes.
RJ Walser

Hi there,

If you want to finish your work 50% faster, make better reports & spreadsheets than everyone else, and bring in a lot more money this year, then make sure you read every word on this page!

Now, you’ll be relieved to know this is not another course.

In fact, it’s not a course at all…

This is a complete system for managers, analysts, accountants, or anyone who relies on excel to do their job.

The ultimate time saving shortcut… a quick, painless, and effective way to master excel once and for all… no matter what else you may have tried in the past.

Why can’t I find the data I’m looking for?

Why won’t this formula just work already?

Why can’t I find the data I’m looking for?

Are You Someone Who Uses Excel Every Day For Work?

Do you ever feel a little stuck in your career, knowing that more advanced Excel skills could open up new and better opportunities?

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of formulas, functions, and features in Excel, not knowing where to start or the best way to improve?

Wasting way too much time that it often cuts into your personal life?

Don’t like asking colleagues to bail you out of your Excel predicaments?

Feeling trapped in the endless cycle of Googling every challenge you run into?

If you are tangled in a love-hate relationship with excel, today is your lucky day!

What’s with all these errors popping up?

The boss never gives me a chance.

It's Not Your Fault!

It’s not your fault you aren’t proficient yet.

Nobody has ever offered you a proper training system before.

And almost everyone is wasting too much time in excel.

We all want to be efficient but let’s be real…

Who wants to suffer through boring and confusing classes, or enroll in some course only to forget it by morning?

But… you might be reaching a point where you gotta do something because at any moment, the biggest threat to your career could come in the form of some cocky young “excel proficient” coworker who is hungry for your position.

I should know, I was that coworker.

Many of you have confided in me that your

Lack Of Proficiency Holds
Back Career Advancement

Inefficiency builds up over time and slowly locks you into a prison you can’t escape from.

Staying late at the office…

Bringing work home at night and on weekends…

Stealing too much time away from your personal life…

Many people start to resent their work and not like their job anymore, which can lead to all sorts of problems including job security itself.


Inefficient Excel Users
Are Easily Replaceable

I really wish it wasn’t the case, but it often is.

That’s why my goal is to make you the most valuable and irreplaceable person in the entire company.

Imagine a few short months from now, you had the skills to effortlessly:

Accomplish more meaningful work each day

Save hundreds of hours every year

Analyze your data more effectively

Manage your time and responsibilities better

Be much better at strategic planning and forecasting

Be a better decision maker

Make less errors and mistakes

Be confident in your role like never before

What If You Were So Good They Had No Choice But To Promote You?

Now you can!

I can help you.

But here’s the challenge…

My following on social media has grown to over 3 million people.

So, unfortunately, I don’t have the time to personally help everyone on a deeper level.

I don’t like having to turn down people who want my help.

So rather than continue to feel guilty about saying no, I have created what I believe to be the next best thing…

For the past year, I have been pouring my heart and soul into developing a complete system for becoming permanently proficient in no time.

A Proven System For Becoming Permanently Proficient As Fast As Possible So You Never Have To Learn (Or Re-learn) Excel Again

I created this for people who do important work that demands a higher standard. This is perfect for managers, directors, and anyone who needs to be more proficient but doesn’t have endless hours to spend learning and trying to remember everything.

If you’re looking to move up, change jobs, or dive into data-focused work, knowing that sharpening your Excel skills can advance your career, this is for you.

If you’re familiar with Excel, but you understand there’s much faster and smarter ways to handle data, craft reports, and sift through information… this is for you

If you strive for growth in your ability to analyze trends, manipulate data, optimize workflows, and present data compellingly, this is for you!

“I'm already more confident using Excel and have been able to show my coworkers (who were usually the ones helping me) things that they didn't even know about. My boss has recognized my commitment to professional development, which is fantastic.”
- Julie Eufemi
“In just 30 days, I am already seeing the results. Not only am I saving a ton of time and working more efficiently, I am also getting better results and data. I highly recommend this system. It took a fear of excel and turned it into an enjoyable tool.”
- Liz Tompkins


How quickly would you like to…

Move up in your company

Make a higher salary and get bigger bonuses

Stay competitive and relevant

Have way more job security

Feel less annoyed, bored, and frustrated

Like your job more

Be more valued, appreciated and recognized

People who invest in my system are 100% committed to securing their future, paying off debts, getting ahead financially, and giving their family a better life.

If you’re reading this far, you are too!

Suddenly So Efficient, They’ll Wonder If You Pay Someone Else To Do It

Imagine their faces when all of your work is finished before lunch for the third time this week…

Imagine being permanently proficient so you never have to “relearn” anything in excel again.

Imagine they are so afraid to lose you, they buy your loyalty in bonuses and pay raises.

The Excel To Excellence System is a master key that unlocks a limitless career.

‘Excel To Excellence’ Is My Premium Training System Designed To Make You Proficient For Life In Just A Few Minutes A Day


This is not for everyone.

It’s not even for most people…

It is only for those who still have high standards and career ambition.

If that’s you… you’ll be pleased to know that with me by your side, they’ll have no chance of keeping up with your high quality work & newfound efficiency.

You will run circles around everyone.

“This has exceeded all my expectations and equipped me with invaluable skills that have already made a significant impact on my work as a senior research officer in healthcare. Would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to transform the way they use Excel. Grant’s system really helped me untap a lot of Excel features I didn’t previously know which has made me work more efficiently and increased my confidence navigating Excel.”
- Rima Tarraf
“My job requires repetitive work to be done and often takes up a long time to finish it. Thanks to Grant’s system, I’m able to get it done quickly. I’m glad that I bought Excel To Excellence.”
- Elicia How

So… what Exactly Is The
Excel To Excellence System?

It’s a step-by-step system for achieving maximum efficiency in minimum time.

I created it for anyone who doesn’t have the time to slog through some long course, and has trouble retaining the information anyway.

You’re only minutes away from confidently utilizing functions & formulas, building effective pivot tables, and using advanced shortcuts, allowing you to complete your tasks in minutes instead of hours.

A complete training system to go from Overwhelmed to Excellent… fast.

Imagine being able to easily and quickly

Build professional spreadsheets from scratch

Manage, navigate, and clean large sets of data

Utilize 80+ powerful shortcuts to save time

Use hidden tools to make your job easier

Utilize 45+ practical function

(VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, IF, and more)

Create and understand effective formulas

Identify trends quickly through conditional formatting

Analyze and compare data

Build effective pivot tables

Build compelling charts and tables for presentations

Transform large data sets with Power Query

Automate repetitive, labor intensive tasks with macros and AI

The Excel To Excellence 5-Stage Training System

The core of the system is a 5 stage training progression.

Proficiency comes in clear logical stages.

Thanks to the system, you’ll breeze through whatever stage you currently find yourself in and achieve peak proficiency faster than you ever thought possible.

Stage 1

Stage 1


Stage 2

Stage 2


Stage 3

Stage 3


Stage 4

Stage 4


Stage 5

Stage 5


The Shortest Path To Excellence






If You Think My Free
Tutorials Have Been Helpful

You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

Peak efficiency begins with setting yourself up for success.

When you organize your space, set up a ribbon, design a personal efficiency flow, and apply the very best shortcuts, you effortlessly cut repetitive actions down to half of a second instead of four, giving you an immediate efficiency increase of 87.5%.

Foundational efficiency tools included are the ribbon, designing your own personal efficiency flow, the power of the practical book, 10 essential navigation shortcuts, the ultimate shortcuts cheat sheet, 10 pro sheet secrets you must know, and 5 powerful copy & paste tricks everyone ignores.

You’ll soon be able to present your data in a way that will shock and impress everyone by deploying (and remembering) the secrets of formatting data, inserting data, formatting shortcuts, fill handling, fill series, and flash fill… along with inserting repeating values, cell styles, custom themes, center across selection, and my unique 3 step formatting process.

When you master organization with data tables, your job becomes so much faster and easier. My system will get you up to speed in no time with creating jaw dropping structured tables.

Being able to refine your data quickly using the very best techniques, you will shave off hours of annoying work every week. Imagine being able to effortlessly clean, sort, remove duplicates, find & replace, remove blank rows, fill blank cells, hyperlink, text to columns, and apply advanced techniques for identifying & fixing errors.

By mastering conditional formatting, you unlock the ability to make your work far more impressive with better insights. You’ll soon have full command over highlight cells rules, top/bottom rules, conditional formatting formulas, conditional formatting for data visualization, comparing data in a worksheet, and comparing data between worksheets.

A big secret to skyrocketing your efficiency is having complete command over excel functions. With my system you’ll confidently and automatically be a master of utilizing functions, cell referencing,
function structure, text functions, textjoin function, statistical functions, mathematical functions, rounding functions, logical functions, ifs function, and counting functions.

You’ll also have instant function memory recall and the skill to remove blank rows with countblank, conditional functions, date functions, subtracting dates & times, vlookup (exact match), vlookup (approximate match), vlookup vs. xlookup, xlookup (exact match)
xlookup (approximate match), xlookup (partial match), hlookup, transpose, and unique.

You’ll also get caught up to speed and be a quick proficient practitioner of more advanced excel features like pivot tables, calculation techniques, generating advanced visual insights, streamlining tasks with power query, and automating your workflows with macros.

All this, cemented in your memory quickly and with automatic recall thanks to the various quizzes, challenges, and memory retaining methods included in the system.

In Addition To The Core Training System, You’re Also Getting…

The best collection of efficiency cheat sheets in the world

All my videos of my very best advanced tips (you’ll never find these on my social media)

100+ secret “memory boosting sheets”. I invented them to give you a way to remember and retain the knowledge!

My collection of quick search reference guides help you to instantly identify and apply the appropriate function, shortcut, or feature for any task, saving you valuable time otherwise spent fumbling around online.

BONUS #1: Access To Me & My Exclusive Community

You’ll be getting exclusive access to my private community where you will receive dedicated support, access to me for all your questions, and also connect with other professionals like you in a supportive and positive community. This is the perfect place for enhancing your skills, meeting new people, and even finding new career opportunities.

BONUS #2: Lifetime Updates!

When you buy today, you’ll get unlimited lifetime updates to the system so you will always know the latest shortcuts, strategies, and new updates from Microsoft

BONUS #3: Memory Boosting Challenges

Tired of forgetting all the helpful excel tips you keep learning? What good is learning stuff if you forget it right after? I totally get it. That’s why I invented 20 quick and fun challenge games. These are immersive real-world challenges (that take no time to complete) that will dramatically improve retention, enabling you to apply them confidently in your work.

BONUS #4: Exclusive Beta Access To Grantbot AI™

With your new virtual Excel helper, you won’t have to bug your colleagues or waste time searching on Google for help anymore. Why not offload some of your work onto Grantbot? It’s like being able to get *real-time* interactive help with any excel challenge you run into. Just ask Grantbot a question or explain what you are trying to do and it will instantly help you – 24/7, 365 days a year. When you buy my system today, you will get unrestricted free lifetime access.
“I can truly say it was worth the cost. I am now able to do in seconds what it takes 5+ minutes for my colleagues to do! Would recommend this course to anyone looking to better themselves at Excel”
- Kaleb Mandeville
“I work in the finance department for a major fortune 500 company, so I use excel spreadsheets every day of my life. The things I’ve learned here are amazing!”
- John Rizzotti
“I recommend anyone who looks at data to get this system. It really shows how much better information you can get and not spend hours doing it manually anymore. I am already using it in my management meetings.”
- Angela Darling
“I can do my work faster and make fewer mistakes when dealing with numbers. I can also make nice reports and graphs for my team and client. This system made my work life better because now I’m really good at using excel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
- Sabiha Siddqa
“This system has helped me save time at work by showing me shortcuts I never knew about before”
- Benjamin Seah
“I feel like I have a chance at landing my dream job now! Nearly every position I want requires a working knowledge of Excel. I’m so grateful for this all encompassing system. I feel like this puts my foot in the door for opportunities that were previously unattainable for people like myself. Thank you Grant!”
- Sarah Clifford

There Are Only Two Questions Left To Answer


Question #1:

Should I buy the Excel To Excellence System today?


Question #2:

How much should I happily pay for it?

Should I Buy It Today?

Well… The average life expectancy in the US is 77 years.

They say you lose 30% of your life to eating, sleeping, defecating, paying bills, taxes, and waiting in lines…

All you have to do is subtract your age from 77 plus another 30% and you’ll be shocked at how little time you have left.

Here’s the real question that determines if becoming proficient in Excel is truly worth it:

Just how much of whatever your number is, the time you got left, do you want to spend… wasting it inside Microsoft Excel?

Now, just how quickly and radically do you want to succeed in your career and life? Or how much longer do you want to continue ‘as is’…

If you’d like to save a lot more time, make more money, and provide a better life for you and your family… then I think I’ve laid out a very compelling case for buying my system today.

How Much Should I Pay For This?

The answer to that comes down to how much time you believe my system can save you.

I fully believe you can slash your excel time in half at a minimum.

How many hours does that add up to over a week, month, year, or decade?

We are talking thousands of hours.

We both know time is infinitely more valuable than money. We can always make another dollar… but all the money in the world can’t buy back even a second of lost time.

Scary thought right?

The good news is you can buy back time in advance.

So… all you have to decide is – since I’m offering you thousands of hours of your life back over the next few years, what is each hour of freedom worth to you?

Being conservative, if my system saved you just 8 hours a week inside Excel over the next 5 years, that’s over 2000 hours!

If you’d give just one dollar for every hour I saved you…

My System Is Worth At Least $2,000

You and I both know an hour of your life is worth more than a dollar.

I could make a solid argument that an hour of your life is darn near priceless…

Now, if you’d give even $4.00 for every hour that freed you from staring at that computer screen, then my system ought to go for $8,000.

Regrettably, there’s no way on earth I could charge that much and still be able help enough people.

So, let’s get to the actual price.

As you already guessed, the Excel To Excellence System is not some cheap run of the mill course.

You can buy them all over the internet for $20 or $100 and you’ll get exactly what you pay for. And probably end up in the same exact position next year.

Excel To Excellence is a world-class, well designed, and comprehensive system that actually works.

It is about cutting your learning curve down from years or decades to weeks or months…

This is about making you dangerously productive.

My system isn’t going to cost you $8000, or even $2000

You’re not going to pay $1000

Or even $750…

For the next few days, you can own my entire system for one payment of just $395

Pay This In Small Installments If You Buy This Week

I understand not everyone is in the same financial position. If you need to, I can help out by breaking the payment into more manageable pieces. This week only, you have the option to buy the system in 3 easy installments of $139.

The reason I am doing this is to be sure you have no excuse to finally become proficient by “making you a deal you can’t refuse” (que Godfather reference).

Simply put: if you put my system to work for you, you will save more time at work than anyone else, be the most proficient Excel user in the office, and be rewarded for it.

In fact, I guarantee it!

I’m so confident my system can help you, I’ll give you a

100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee For An Entire 6 Months

You have 6 Full Months to test-drive the system and experience the power that comes from this level of training.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, let me know and I will happily refund your investment, even if it’s on the 180th day.

No questions asked.

Who else has even come close to offering a guarantee like this?

Nobody else (I checked).

What To Do Next

Click the button below or at the top of this page to get one of the remaining systems.

You will be taken to a secure order form, where you will submit your name, and payment information.

The system will send an email with your username, password, and directions to access your system. Less than 10 minutes from now, you will have immediate and full access (even if it’s 3 am)

Go ahead and grab your system now.

It’s Time To Buy Your Time Back

You’ve read this (very long) page, and now have all the information you need to make a decision. If you enjoy my tutorials on social media, this is the logical next step for your career.

It’s rough out there right now. Inflation is through the roof, businesses are holding on for dear life, and everything feels more uncertain than ever before.

Yet despite all that, I see a bright future ahead for anyone who stays hungry and sharp while holding themselves to a high standard.

I believe in you and your future,


P.S. In case you skipped right to the bottom, here’s the deal: You are being offered a complete system for becoming permanently proficient in excel so you can finish your work 50% faster and be more valuable (and irreplaceable). The investment is only $395 and backed by a 6 month guarantee. This is the lowest price it will ever be offered, and available this week. Go ahead and get started now. You’ll be so glad you did.